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Amber Box - Mechanical 3D Puzzle

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Model Size (open/locked): 11 * 8.7 * 7.9 in (28 * 22 * 20 cm) / 6.9 * 5.5 * 3.9 in (17.5 * 14 * 10 cm)

Package size: 14.6*6.7*1.3 in (37.8*17*3.2 cm)

Number of components: 189

Estimated time for assembly: 2-3 hours

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The Ugears Amber Box, the older sister of the Antique Box, is equally as gorgeous and striking as her little sister, and even more elaborate. 

This beautiful model has all the neat features of the Antique Box model with an additional touch: smartly built-in real amber pieces to make your experience trully precious.

The Amber Box will take care of keeping your jewellery and small trinkets in style. Your posessions will be safe within four carved walls decorated with eleborate floral designs and intricate oriental ornaments. 

But the pinnacle of the model is five decorative elements made of real amber. As you might know Ugears models are built without tools or glue.

All you need to assemble your new Amber Box will be inside the packaging, including the precious Amber stones that you will securely attach to the lid of the box with special clever fixtures.

Putting the Amber Box together is a fascinating process and great fun. Just stick to the comprehensive illustrated step-by-step instruction manual in 11 languages and you will successfully assemble your new model. 

Made of high quality ecological materials the Antique Box has a nice pleasant smell of real wood.

The Amber Box is a mechanical puzzle, so it is not just simply a pretty decorative trinket holder, it is a smart mechanism. 

To get it going you will need to pull the lid, activating three main blocks( two of which are mirrored mechanisms on each side that move and turn the upper

compartments). The third mechanical block moves the lower drawer in the middle of the box. This step will let you reach another six compartments. 

Keep going and you will discover two extra secret compartments: just feel the hidden button concealed on the back side of the Box and hide your most valuable posessions.

Similar to its younger sister, the Amber Box will provide you with a touch of extra-security: the lid has a locking latch, which keeps the contents of the box inside and prevents your treasure from coming out e.g

transportation or in case of an accidental tipping over.

The Amber Box is a one of a kind model from the Ugears family that has all it takes to become an wonderful present to someone special or a real treasure for your own collection.

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