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Mill - Colouring 3D Puzzle

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3D wooden colouring model Mill.  

For children from 5+ years old… and for grown-ups of any age, as well.

Number of parts: 23

Estimated time for painting: 4+ hours

Material: eco-friendly plywood

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Creative art activities can help children in all areas of development.

Imagination and creativity are the skills that are really important for a child. But as parents, how do we improve that skills?

Ugears Mill is what you really need! It develops engineering skills, spatial thinking and fine motor skills, captures the imagination of children for a long time.

With the help of fantasy, imagination and creative talents of young (and adult) artists each UGEARS colouring model gets an unique and beautiful look that will keep your spirits up being on the top of your desk.


The model follows the characteristics of the Dutch windmill with windows on the upper floor and wide doors. This amazing open-style model demonstrates the basic elements of mechanics to the young creators: the mechanism of reducers and angular transmissions. Like a real windmill with a wheel for drainage, the model is accommodated with interdependent moving elements: the mill's wings and the axis driving a drainage wheel with blades with the help of the gear system. On the contrary, it’s possible to turn the water wheel and run in motion four wings of the windmill.


All component parts are already cut off and can be easily removed from the board. The model assembles like a puzzle without glue and special tools by following an illustrated colour manual. While children are collecting some blocks, the adults can suggest their help: the joining parts are cut off precisely for the slots and for the assembly, you only need to insert the component pins, pressing them with your fingers. But if the fingers are too small, it may need some help.

The model is made of high quality wood, has a fragrant scent of wood and is pleasant to the touch.

Colour as you like: acrylic, gouache, watercolor, markers - you can use whatever you have. You can colour the model by doing yourself, with friends or the whole family. Delicate contour lines on wooden parts show the main contours of the models`s edging and make it easy to paint.

Paints are NOT included in the the set.

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137 mm
104 mm
67 mm
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