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Assembling Tips

  • If you hold the board, the front side facing you, it is better to remove the pieces by pulling them, because if a knot of the wood is pulled at the same time, it can make holes in the board but not  in the piece. 
  • If you have difficulty inserting a toothpick into the cogwheel, wipe the toothpick with a candle.
  • You can also grease the axles of the sprocket before installing them in the frame, in this case the friction during the rotation will be minimal.
  • However do not grease the parts of the balance with candle (two axes projecting in the Tractor or in the Timer).
  • Try to remove the quills or spikes on the gears, if there are any. The movement of some models is very delicate and this can prevent movement.
  • If a gear creaks, grease it with candle, paraffin or wax. If the edge of the plywood board is too resinous and if certain teeth have a tendency to crash, which happens very rarely, grease the gear using the same means.

Let us show you the short "How-to" to assemble one of the popular model from Ugears Ireland.