Assembling Tips

Dear clients!

Thank you for your purchase from Ugears Ireland. We hope that the craftsmanship and the engineering lovingly put into this model will bring you hours of joy and excitement.

We have collected a few useful tips and hints based on our own assembly experiences. We hope that they will help you put your model together efficiently and have fun in the process.

Ugears golden rules:

Check with the Instructions

If you are not confident you are doing the right thing check with our provided illustrated step-by-step guide. 

Check again!!!

Apply candle wax abundantly and make sure you fit the right detail where it belongs correctly, as sometimes parts with different numbers can look very similar.

Lubrication is King 

If it still feels that the part does not fit right do not try to push it in forcefully, remember the old candle wax once again

If you experience difficulty inserting a toothpick into the cogwheel, apply some candle wax to the toothpick.

You can also grease the axles of the sprocket before installing them into the frame to minimize friction during rotation.

Stick to the Assembly Order

We recommend assembling the model in the order specified in our step-by-step assembly instructions.

We know how tempting doing it according to your own ideas can be and how easy it is to get carried away putting parts together, but there is a risk of getting mixed up: fitting a detail incorrectly might result in malfunction of the mechanical mechanism. 

Going back and disassembling parts of the model can be frustrating.

Carefully remove any quills/spikes on gears, as they can affect mechanical functionality of the model

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Let us show you the short "How-to" to assemble one of the popular model from Ugears Ireland.