If you are ordering a gift to someone it is always better to wrap the box accordingly. And this is something that we can do for you for as little as just 15 euro including taxes.

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind in case if you choose gift wrapping option for your order:

  • The option includes standard wrapping with gift paper. We will add a bow where possible
  • Please note that we offer a single wrapping per order. If you need multiple items to be wrapped separately please consider placing multiple orders with this option enabled.
  • The parcel will be sent in a regular packaging box
  • By default we will remove all the finance docs (invoice and delivery slip) from the parcel. However, if you are a registered customer you can always download the documents from your account. Alternatively, you can add a note to the order saying that you still need the docs.
  • Please, remember to specify the billing and shipping addresses correctly. The invoice will be issued to the billing address
  • You may also add a few heartwarming words at the corresponding field on the order page - we will add a postcard into the parcel