Research Vessel - Mechanical 3D Puzzle

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Model size: 15.2*4.3*9.8 in (38.5 *11*25 cm)

Package size: 14.9*6.7*1.7 in (37.8*17*4.2 cm)

Number of components: 575

Estimated time of assembly: 10 hours

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Did you know that Ireland's privileged position in the edge of the Atlantic Ocean allows it to be a pioneer in marine research? At the moment our country can boast two very cool research vessels: a 65 metre RV Celtic Explorer and a 35 metre RV Celtic Voyager. They gather data and carry out research in ocean observation and monitoring, marine biodiversity and spatial planning along as deploying and maintaining Ireland's Marine Data Buoy network, supporting Met Eireann's weather forecasts. In 2019 a contract was signed for the construction of a new state-of-the-art marine research vessel to replace the RV Celtic Explorer. Based in Galway, it will be able to spend 21 days at sea withstanding the harsh conditions of the ocean 

Inspired by ocean exploration and marine documentaries the Ugears Research Vessel is the embodiment of power and beauty of big contemporary icebreakers and survey boats.

The new vessel possesses everything one needs to conduct real studies: a bathyscaphe for deep-sea research, a little motor-boat and a life boat, drop ramp, opening hold hatch, and additional cool and exciting extras one can locate in proper research vessels. The model has a swing jib crane to deal with cargo and hoist out the bathyscaphe. Use the crane to get the bathyscaphe out of the depths and secure it on a special extension platform.

All the parts of the Research Vessel are produced of high-grade eco-friendly wood and don't require glue or additional tools for assembly. The see-through design of the ship's body lets you have a peek into the hold and engine room and observe what makes her go. The energy driving the kit is obtained from a rubber-band motor and is managed by a pendulum. An eloquent gear arrangement in this block mimics the sound of a diesel engine and provides a smooth and steady pace of the RV. The model has three movement modes – forward, turn, and automatic manoeuvring. The modes are controlled with a lever one can manually switch.

Feel the salty wind of the Irish waters sailing you towards future discoveries with the Research Vessel from Ugears!

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