Nativity Scene - Mechanical 3D Puzzle

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Model size: 5.9*1.9*5.1 in (15.1*5*13.8 cm)

Package size: 7.1*10.6*0.3 in (18.5*27.5*0.7 cm)

Number of components: 59

Estimated time of assembly: 1 hour

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Every family and every country has their own Christmas traditions. In Ireland, like pretty much everywhere else in the western world, we decorate a tree, give presents to friends and family, enjoy a dinner of roast turkey, pull Christmas crackers. We also have something unique, like placing a candle in the window on Christmas Eve, watching the Late Late Toy Show and putting a replica of the nativity scene somewhere in a common area of a home. Because after and above all, Christmas is about Christ, love, hope, forgiveness and generosity of spirit.

A beautifully created Nativity Scene model is the Ugears’ tribute to a beloved Christmas tradition. Conveying the true spirit of the most wonderful time of the year, the model is crafted to make your winter holiday really special.

A Nativity Scene is a display that includes a newborn Jesus in a stable with Mary, Joseph, an Angel, and the three wise men. In different places and settings the number of characters and the ways of decorating the scene might vary, displaying more angels, shepherds, fancy décor, etc.

Ugears created a humble and tender design implemented in wood that celebrates the birth of the divine child of Joseph the Carpenter.

From a technical perspective, the Nativity Scene model is on the simpler mechanics and assembly side of the Ugears collection. We wanted the whole family, including younger children, to be able to participate and enjoy putting it together and may be creating your own family tradition. However, in addition to being a Christmas decoration, the model has basic gear mechanism that animates certain elements of the kit. To start the mechanism, manually rotate any of interconnected gears that you will see on the sides and on the top of the model. This will make the star on the roof of the barn move while at the same time rotating the gears with carved designs and animating the background of the scene.

The Nativity Scene 3-D puzzle from Ugears is made of high-grade plywood and comes with all you need for putting together: no glue or extra tools are needed. The details are pre-cut in the wooden boards with a precise laser and come out of their slots with a soft push.

Enjoy your time with friends and family and let The Nativity Scene from Ugears add magic to your holiday.

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