Scrambler UGR-10 Motor Bike with Sidecar - Mechanical 3D Puzzle

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Model size: 8.7*6.3*4.5 in (22*16*11.5 cm)

Package size: 14.9*6.7*1.1 in (37.8*17*2.7 cm)

Number of components: 380

Estimated time of assembly: 8 hours

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Nowadays if we see one passing by, it's a rare sight and a head-turner, but back in the days a combination of a motorcycle and a sidecar was a common thing in Europe, including Ireland. Before World War I numerous companies produced various side car models, including Frera, Peugeot, Harley-Davidson, Triumph, Watsonian and Thor. Ladies and children appreciated side cars, as the whole family could travel together and it was safer and more convenient than riding on the pilon.

Get ready to feel the wind in your hair with your new dream vehicle– the speedy and sturdy Scrambler UGR-10 Motor Bike with sidecar from Ugears.

The Scrambler is inspired by a dual-sport motorcycle prototype, a vehicle designed to travel both slick asphalt highways and heavy-going roads or go full Dirty Tracker mode. Original dual-sport bikes come from a family of so-called “scramblers” – lightweight city motorbikes initially manufactured by Triumph and BSA back in the 1950s. The scramblers were very well adapted to ride rough roads due to the clever suspension design and high-mounted mufflers. Just like a real-life motorcycle, the model is not only fast, but also very steady due to a fork and pendulum suspension on both front and back wheels. The realistic retro design is complete with an impressive imitation of a fully animated opposed cylinders engine.

Your beauty ride is driven by a rubber-band motor connected to the wheels via the belt coupling. You can find the wind-up key under the gas-tank hood. One winding will fuel up your Scrambler to cover a distance of about 3 meters. Steer your bike in the direction you want by rotating steering bars – and zoom towards your new adventure!

If you plan a fun ride and have a good friend that wants to tag along or you are one of those people who always carry extra luggage, there is an super cool feature that the Scrambler offers. A comfortable and spacious sidecar that has enough room to transport little passengers, a stash of sweets, deliver notes or some other small cargo of your choice. You can easily attach or remove your sidecar if you like.

Time to open your garage to assemble your new cool motorcycle and see where your imagination will take you! Have a fun and pleasant journey with the Scrambler UGR-10 from Ugears.

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