V-Express Steam Train with Tender - Mechanical 3D Puzzle

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Model Size: 22 * 4,7 * 4,7 in (56 * 12 * 12 cm) 

Tracks size: 96,5 * 4,7 * 4,7 in (245 * 12 * 12 cm) 

Package size: 14,6 * 6,7 * 2 in (37.8 * 17 * 5 cm)

Number of components: 538

Estimated time of assembly: 10 hours

Natural: Made from wood materials

Mechanical: The models produce motion

No Glue Connection: Assembling without glue and chemicals

Self Assembly: Details are already cut and ready to assemble

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On December 17th, 1834 a large group of spectators gathered to watch the first Irish train ever departing Westland Row railway station in Dublin, setting off on a 10km journey to Kingstown (Dún Laoghaire) with what was then impressive speed of twenty miles per hour. It was much faster and way more comfortable than using horse-drawn coaches.

UGEARS V-Express Steam Train with Tender will take you back in time to the Age of Industrial Revolution when traveling by train was such a novelty. 

Imagine looking at a train for the first time in your life, or may be being an engineer and watching the magic come alive in your hands..

The finely detailed design of V-Express lets you peek into the world of moving elements. Gears, shacks, the cylinder-piston arrangement and the flywheel make UGEARS V-Express look like a real steam engine.

The V-Express is operated by a self-propelled motor, making it possible for the train to move on its own. A single winding produces enough power for the model to travel up to 4 metres.  

The V-Express Steam Train has 3 settings: forward, back and idle.  

The  back setting allows the Train to go backward and connect with the Tender. The Tender is a work of engineering art on its own. Inspired by the 19th century coal car it is a totally functioning model equipped with such intricate elements as a locking hatch, dropping sides and even a shovel for the coal! Well, there’s no need for coal, so the space can be used for delivering sweets, messages, little toys and other treasures to your loved ones.

The model kit comes with 2.45 metres of tracks.

The Ugears V-Express Steam Train with Tender model kit is made of sustainably sourced high grade wood and has everything you might need for assembly. The quality of the parts is top-notch: a laser method is used for cutting items from a plywood board that provides precise hairline cuts. The details have to be pulled out of the boards and assembled to create a complete model. Like all other Ugears models, the Steam Train comes with step-by-step, full-color, truly easy to follow instructions in 11 languages (English, German, Ukrainian, French, Polish, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Italian, Chinese and Korean) and requires neither glue nor special tools to be fully assembled into functional self-propelled Train with Tender.


Do not forget about educational value of Ugears constructor provided by the great mechanics based on the real-life designs. 

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