Foldable Phone Holder - Mechanical 3D Puzzle

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Model size: 4.8 * 2.6*4.6 in (12.2 *6.5*11.7 cm)

Package size: 3.6*8.3*0.6 in (9.2*21*1.5 cm)

Number of Components: 73

Estimated Time of Assembly: 2 hours

Level: Easy

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Isn't it fascinating that Ireland's first mobile phone call was made less than 40 years ago, and look at where we are now.. Ugears mini-series mechanical models have just got the true champion in terms of combining functionality, technological progress and our traditional eye-pleasing eco wood design! Please meet the Foldable Phone Holder! This awesome 3-D puzzle is easy to assemble with the help of our colour step-by-step instructions. Moreover, it will become your daily assistant and will take care of maintaining your phone in the upright position, enabling more efficient work meetings, demonstrating magic tricks to your family via video chat or eating some snacks, while watching another cool YouTube video. Our minimalistic design will definitely bring aesthetic pleasure in a wide variety of settings!

The Phone Holder has three positions for the most convenient viewing of your device. In order to put it in the position of your choice turn the central wheel located at the fold. Owners of larger phones will appreciate the additional support feature the model has. The back stand is complemented with two rubber bands, which will efficiently prevent your phone from sliding. When you need to be on the move, just fold the Phone Holder down and enjoy its ability to fit pretty much everywhere, from the smallest of bags to pockets on your clothing. No matter what challenges the future holds, our faithful Phone Holder from Ugears, your fearless companion and friend, will always be by your side, supporting you in all your endeavors!

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