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Royal Сarriage - Mechanical 3D Puzzle

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Model Size: 20.5 * 4.7 * 5.3 in (52 * 12 * 13.5 cm)

Package size: 14.9 * 6.7 * 1.7 in (37.8 * 17 * 42 cm )

Number of components: 290

Estimated time of assembly: 4-5 hours

Natural: Made from wood materials

Mechanical: The models produce motion

No Glue Connection: Assembling without glue and chemicals

Self Assembly: Details are already cut and ready to assemble

In Stock

In 1849 on her state visit to Ireland Queen Victoria travelled in a horse-drawn carriage manufactured by a Dublin coach building business John Hutton & Sons. Apparently she liked the experience so much she ordered the company the Irish Stage Coach. Produced in 1851 it 

is still in use and can be seen when the Queen travels in it from Buckingham Palace to Westminster to open Parliament. 

Regardless of one’s take on British Monarchy, anyone who appreciates history and the beauty of mechanics would fall in love with UGEARS Royal Carriage.

Inspired by the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and designed after another Royal coach, a 1902 State Landau, the new UGEARS intricate wooden model allows your inner princess to impress the crowds and travel in style.

The carriage is drawn by four elegant horses; it is very detailed with a hidden gem of a mechanical motor inside. The coachmen are dressed in their finest attires, the seats of the passenger compartment resemble soft leather, and the Royal coat of arms is laser engraved on the door panels. The rubber band suspension belts give the model a realistic feel. 

The kit has two sets of figures, The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Harry and Princess Meghan. You can take them on a royal stroll – two figures at a time.

The skeleton design of the carriage allows you to witness the miracle of the laws of motion and kinetics. The crown on the back of the carriage has a secret function, and makes it possible to wind up the wooden motor pushing the Royal Carriage forward under its own power. Despite the tiny-sized motor, a fully wound up (25 half-turns of the winding key max) carriage can travel up to 4 meters. 

The launch of the UGEARS Royal Carriage model has been motivated by the monarchs’ commitment to sustainability, i.e. all flowers used at the wedding were locally and sustainably sourced. Also Prince Harry and Meghan have asked the guests to donate to the charity Crisis instead of wedding gifts, a cause and charity that is “close to the UGears’ teams hearts.”

As Daria Dubets, company director of UGears, puts it: “The commitment from the royal couple to sustainability and charity at their wedding is incredibly inspiring. At UGears, we have worked hard to ensure our company uses only sustainably sourced FSC-certified wood and we are pleased to be able to offer a royal wedding memento which reflects the couple’s wishes and goals.

What could be a more fitting tribute to the royal couple than this one of a kind homage to their special day. We have spent a lot of time designing the Royal Carriage model to bring joy into homes across the country as families spend time together building their very own royal carriage.”

Like all our models, the Royal Carriage is made with high-quality plywood and is assembled without the use of glue or any special tools.


The model has everything you might need for assembly.

The quality of the details is very high – the parts of the model are outlined with a CNC laser cutter on a plywood board. The first thing you will notice when open the box is a pleasant smell of real wood.

The details have to be pulled out of the boards and assembled to create a complete model. Made out of high quality plywood, without glue or any additional appliance, your eco-friendly puzzle will bring hours of joy to the whole family and will make you closer than ever. Just follow the detailed step-by-step illustrated manual with instructions in 10 languages to complete your 3d puzzle.

Do not forget about educational value of Ugears constructor provided by the great mechanics based on the real-life designs. 

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