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Carousel - Mechanical 3D Puzzle

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Model size: 8.3*8.3*10.2 in (210*210*260 mm)

Package size: 14.6*6.7*1.7 in (378*170*42 mm)

Number of components: 305

Estimated time for assembly: 6 hours

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Round and round and back to where it's all started. Take a trip down the memory lane with this beautiful and nostalgic Ugears model, the Carousel.

A classic marry-go-round implemented in top-notch quality wood, this lovely common fairground ride is presented with intricate design. 

In Ugears Carousel you will find two types of carousel horses that rock up and down as the model spins. 

The core of the model is a center pole that turns around in a direction opposite to the main platform, creating the impression of the carousel spinning faster than it really does, and establishing the fascinating dynamics of the whole construction. 

The pole rises above the roof, making it visually more delicate and giving it more volume. 

Add tiny birds soaring over the roof of the carousel along with decorative flying lanterns and you might feel the aroma of hot dogs and candy floss!

As far as the technical aspect goes, the Ugears Carousel is based on the same principle as most Ugears self-propelled models: all parts of the puzzle are put together without glue or additional tools and the motion is triggered by a rubber band motor. 

The Carousel has a wind-up key under the base that provides tension to the rubber bands attached to the main axle. 

The pendulum gears down the axle and makes the movement of the modules and details smoother. The main axle is connected to the central pole via the planetary gear, which ensures that it rotates in the direction opposite to the main platform. 

The roof is also attached to the main axle and crankshafts that make the horses go up and down while spinning around the central pole.

It is fascinating to watch the model move, but if you are one of those people who like to see with their hands, you can operate the Carousel manually. 

This will let you observe every detail in slow motion and give you a full comprehension of how the mechanism operates.

Made of sustainable high quality wooden materials, Ugears Carousel will make a great present for someone who is looking for unwinding and for a couple of hours feel the carefree magic of the fair.

Assemble it, wind it up and we bet you will hear that music, feel the special atmosphere of the holiday fair and remember how much joy it was to ride your lucky horse on its happy round and round trip!

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