Globus - Mechanical 3D Puzzle

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Model size: 8.3*7.3*7.3 in (210 *185*185 mm)

Package size: 14.6*6.7*1.3 in (378*170*32 mm)

Number of components: 184

Estimated time for assembly: 4 hours

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At Ugears, we believe that every model we invent is a unique surprise and a cool gift to anyone who enjoys the art of mechanics. We would like to contribute to this concept with every new model. Here we go, with this model, Ugears presents – quite literally – the world. Please greet the Globus, your own world of mechanical miracles.

It is a stylised model of our planet with two sets of ornamental continents, a rotating mechanism, and funky small extras that make the Globus even more fascinating. All parts are made of eco-friendly high-quality plywood and pre-cut with a laser. No glue or any tools are needed to putour models  together.

The main part of the model consists of two bits: the globe and the platform with the mechanism. The sphere of the globe rests on an axle inclined along the same angle as the axis of the Earth. Like most our models, the Globus is propelled by a rubber-band motor. However, this time, the motor uses a different type of winding technique. A lever in the base pulled all the way clock-wise will wind the mechanism up. As soon as the lever is released, the gears will start operating. To slow down the spinning of the Earth, the Globus uses a mechanism of pendulum reduction. If you wish to rotate it even slower, you can just turn the model with your hands and watch the continents slowly float by.

Besides the main module, Globus has two interchangeable additions: the Shuttle and the Sputnik. Choose, which satellite will go around your Globus today, and place it on a special support. The satellites are powered by the rubber-band motor as well and are connected to the main module via the planetary gearing. Because of this connection, the satellites turn around almost twice as fast as the globe and manage almost two full rounds in a pull of a winding lever.

Globus is easy enough to put together and is really cool to watch in motion. Unique mechanism and iconic design are the signature features that make Ugears models a nice present and a great deco piece for any home or work space. Ugears Globus is a timeless piece you will come back to again and again. Pick it up from the shelf and dream about all the wonderful destinations awaiting for you...

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